Wind, Water, Sun, Sand, Surf

Yesterday didn’t get as hot as forecast … maybe about 18 degrees. But it was sooooo breezy! And one thing I didn’t really think of is that when the breeze is coming off water, it’s cold.

Penticton, where I moved to Vancouver from, there is Okanagan Lake to the north and Skaha Lake to the south.


And when the wind is coming off the water, it’s cold.

Well when the wind is coming off the OCEAN … it’s COLDER! LOL

The sun was out but the winds were up … about 35 km/h. I only stayed at the beach for maybe an hour – just long enough to eat my lunch and take in the scenery.


I can imagine these beaches will eventually be PACKED, so it was quite nice to be one of only a handful of people down there. There were still tons of people out and about … just not sitting at the beach.

Today’s forecast is 22 degrees with winds of about 15 km/h. Not too bad … I wore flipflops yesterday, so any distance walking was totally out of the question. I’ll likely wear my sneakers today so that if I get to the beach/grassy area and it’s windy/cold, I can just keep going (kind of turn around) and go up to Nelson Park … it’s about 3 -4 blocks NE from my apartment but I think since it’s inland, the park may be more sheltered from the winds or at least they won’t be the “cold off the water” winds.

At 9:00 am today I have my window screens being delivered! I’m stoked … no more flies/bees coming in the apartment, but also the ability to leave my windows fully open without fear of my cats accidentally jumping 6 stories to their death! The apartment owner doesn’t supply screens because past tenants haven’t taken care of them. So now if a tenant wants them, they can get them but at their own cost. I’m fine with it – whatever … it’s a decent $150 spent. But isn’t that what a Damage Deposit is for!?

I think after the screens come, I’d like to walk around the Seawall.

Seawall Map

Given the extra distance I need to walk to get to and from the Seawall (path) from my apartment, I would say it’s likely a 11-12 km trip. Takes me about about 2 1/2 hours to walk.

Seawall pic

I may be “that tourist” today :o)

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