Still Thriving!

One of my besties has baby #3, a girl named Laura, on May 18, 2016! So excited for them!!! Their oldest is a boy, Michael … I want to say he’ll be 4 in the fall. Number 2 is a girl, Danielle, will be 2 this summer.

This week has gone by quickly with not much exciting … other than above written paragraph!

I found out that Florida Georgia Line will be performing in Vancouver in November. I saw then a few years ago in Penticton and will be buying a ticket to this coming concert, too.

Today I bought a ticket to see Whitney Cummings in Vegas. She is one of my favorite comedians, so this is totally a bucket-list experience!

I did my first 5-week weigh-in/measure yesterday. I’m only down less than 2 pounds but I’ve lost over 4 inches. That’s something and down is down!

Yesterday morning I did a nice long walk … hit my minimum 10K steps before 9:45 am! Even spent a good 20 minutes on the swing set at the park … and I think more adults need to take swing set time! It’s NOT just for the kids. And there were no kids waiting for a swing … in fact, there were 6 swings not in use when I got there. And a young couple (maybe late 20’s) joined me on the swings – it was awesome!

Last weekend I did a small shopping trip. Got some new tank tops, sports bras, sunglasses, make up.

I bought a new ball cap/hat from TNA. And I got a new bag … shoulder bag. The brand is Hedgren. It’s a smaller purse/bag so that I don’t need to use my backpack all the time. Especially in Vegas – I don’t want to haul a backpack around each day. Just something big enough to hold the essentials.

This weekend has been pretty mellow. Today I haven’t done much of anything. I’ve been in my jammies all day (ok, my jammies are workout gear LOL) and had to put on my bra to go to Safeway for a few groceries.

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