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Macro Lens

The Macro Lens is one that I was absolutely excited for … because, you know, we all wonder exactly what the inside of a flower looks like!

I am happy to report that my excitement continues for this lens!

Inset picture is the original flower. Background is the inside, as taken with the iPhone SE and the Macro Lens.


Heading to the BC Lions (CFL) football game shortly … will have my new lenses with me and may try out a few!

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Six. More. Days.

O.M.F.G. Only 6 more days until I leave for VEGAS!!!

Am I excited? Perhaps a tad *insert stupidly huge grin here*

Happy Friday to everyone! The next 6 days are going to be busy BUSY for me … home and work.

I have some minor errands to run tomorrow. I really REALLY need to get some of my bookkeeping work done and wrapped up – it keeps staring at me! I’m going to the BC Lions home opener game tomorrow night (CFL – Canadian Football League)! I can’t wait … I am in no way a Lions’ fan, but I LOVE football!

Sunday is supposed to be really nice, and my new iPhone photo lenses FINALLY arrived yesterday (and some new workout gear today!), so I’d like to get out for a good walk and take some shots to see how the different lenses work.

At home, I have an “appointment” with Laura, my new cat sitter, on Tuesday. She works at the vet where the girls go and she knows their history. Plus we really hit it off and just totally clicked! She is someone I’d like to add to my friend circle, for sure. She’s coming over Tuesday to go over the regular to-do’s for the girls.

Wednesday will be laundry night. Thursday will be packing.

But on the work side of things … June 30 is the deadline to file corporate income tax returns for companies with December 31 year ends. Of my 3 managers and 1 partner, I still have 59 returns to get in for filing! That’s a HUGE number … I’m hoping my managers will work their tushes off this weekend (but also have time for life!!) so that we can get shit filed early in the week.

Either way, this next 6 days are going to FLY by!

Here is a picture of the small dinosaur that came with my iPhone photo lenses. This picture shows they style of photo each lens takes:


Left to right, top to bottom:
• No filter regular shot of lenses
• Super fisheye
• Fisheye
• Telephoto
• Original (no lens)
• Polarizer
• Wide Angle
• Macro
• Instant filter shot of lenses

And just before bed last night, I snapped a couple of Waszabi:

Waszabi - 062316

I ordered this 5 lens pack (you actually get 6 because one of them is a 2-in-1) from Photojojo. It was $110 including shipping and was actually shipped 2 – 3 days after the order was placed. The package went from South Dakota to North Dakota. Then East to Chicago (but I live on the WEST coast!) and it sat in Chicago from June 5 – June 17!! From June 17 it was in “Canada” … because, you know – Canada is so small! Frick … anyways, the package finally arrived on June 23. The estimated delivery was June 13 – 17.

So far I’m happy with the product, but I really should have done a bit more looking around and perhaps I may have been able to find a similar product a bit more cost effective from a site like Amazon or something.

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What Is My Traumatic Experience?

One thing I have noticed when watching weight-loss shows, or reading weight-loss stories, is that almost every over-weight person has some sort of traumatic experience in their life that they need to come to terms with in order to get past whatever is holding them back and keeping them over-weight.

So time and time again, I find myself wondering “what traumatic experience am I needing to figure out and deal with before I will lose weight and get healthy?”

Thing is … I had a pretty decent, not awesome, but memorable childhood! I wasn’t sexually assaulted or abused. I wasn’t verbally or mentally abused.

The only thing I can think of dates back to when I was young … 7 – 8 years old. My sister, who is 2 1/2 years older than me, was not a stellar child. Our birth parents split when I was 3/she was 6. Our mom met our stepdad when I was 4/she was 7. Dad was, unfortunately, the typical single dad … was supposed to have us every weekend or every other weekend – I don’t recall that much consistency. But he wasn’t an absent father.

Sister and I lived with mom and stepdad. They were married in October 1990, when I was 8 and sister was 11. Sister did NOT appreciate/like any rules – especially that of the relatively-strict stepdad. The rules didn’t seem all that exorbitant … but sister didn’t follow them well.

On more than one occasion, she would run away, leaving a note near the back door … which I found 95% of the time.

Halloween 1990 … sister (11 years old) was grounded for one reason or another and was not allowed to attend the school dance (which was happening pretty much right after school – not at night). I walked home alone (maybe 1 km, good neighbourhood, different times than today!) and stepdad was home. He inquired why sister wasn’t with me and when he determined (by my truth) that she was at the dance, he loaded me in the car and off we went to the school. I was to wait in the car … into the school he went … and out with sister he came … she probably would tell you he “dragged her out by the ear” but I am sure he had a tough grip on her shoulder!

Jump to the same evening. She was asked to take out the trash after dinner.

10 minutes (or so) later, I found the note by the back door. Sister was gone. Again.

It wasn’t much after that (last) runaway that sister decided to move out from mom and stepdad’s and move in with dad. Because dad is cool – he has no rules!

So January 23, 1991 … I remember so vividly because it was 1 month before my 9th birthday … sister moved out of “home” and moved in with dad. She was 11 still at this time.

It didn’t take long before she realized dad has rules too. I can’t remember exactly how long she was living with dad – maybe a couple of years? She continued to runaway. Dad would locate her and bring her back. Vicious cycle.

She ended up moving out of dad’s. Living with friends. Boyfriends. On the street.

When she was 16 years old, still a child/dependent, our birth parents were legally responsible for where she was and what she did. But they couldn’t control her. They didn’t know where she was. They didn’t know what she did. She left them no choice but to sign her away as a Ward of the Court. Sister was legally not my sister any longer.

Being a WotC, if she needed something, she simply had to ask her Social Worker or price it out then ask the worker … and voila – she had what she wanted. She has never EVER had to lift a finger and work for ANYTHING in her life.

At 18 she had her daughter. At 19 she was married. At 21 she had her son.

When the Courts were done “raising” her, she had a husband. He worked. She stayed home with the kids. (Now don’t get me wrong – I totally believe that being a stay-at-home parent is more than full-time work … but I’m talking “earn a living for yourself”)

She was separated at 30. Living with her new boyfriend … 2 weeks after splitting with her husband. Had daughter #2 at 35. Married at 36. Guess what? Husband #2 works. She stays at home.

… ok a little off track, kind of …

Having sister move out at 11 years old, making me an only-child at 8 years old, made MY life a little tough.

I had to deal with the strict “normal” rules from mom and stepdad. But they were a bit MORE strict because they didn’t want me to veer off and become like my sister did.

I had a curfew (normal), I had chores (normal), I worked for allowance (normal).

When I was 16, I started my first job (actually the day before my 16th birthday!) and in 4 months, I saved enough to pay for driving lessons (parents insisted I took lessons instead of teaching me their own errors LOL), enought to buy a car, and enough to pay for 1 year car insurance.

So even with a curfew, chores, etc., if I disobeyed, they couldn’t take my car away because I PAID FOR IT! Boo yah!

When I was a later-teen, my curfew was something like 11 pm or midnight … I’d usually roll in around 1:00 or so. It came to a point where mom would say “wake me when you get home so I know you’re safe” but they gave up on the curfew.

I wasn’t a bad child. I just disobeyed to a certain point!

… ok back on track …

I dealt with “baby fat” until I was 15 years old. Then over the summer, it fell off me! I was 5’6″ tall and weight about 125 lbs. Yet I was big compared to some of my school mates.

After high school graduation in June 2000, I moved out, fell in love and got engaged. Being in a “loving relationship” allowed me to let go. I was never a big exerciser … ever.

But in a matter of probably 4 – 6 months, I gained upwards of 70 POUNDS! I was close to 200 pounds by Christmas 2000.

I’ve been able to get down to 165 lbs and felt awesome! I’m presently around 245 lbs and am working at it … slowly.

I walk a shit-ton. But I eat (binge!) quite a bit, too. People at work and some family think I eat fairly healthy and keep my portions pretty good. But then I come home and eat eat EAT!

Not every night. But some nights.

A regular size bag of chips. A batch of homemade cookies. Previously, a bottle or two of wine (I’ve been staying away from alcohol for the most part).

So this I ask … was my childhood and the bullshit I endured from my sister enough to be considered a traumatic experience that I need to accept and move past in order to achieve my health goals?

I honestly don’t think so.

I think I need to suck it up, stop eating shit, workout more, and just fucking get it done!

I will continue to post positive and inspirational collages on FB & Instagram. Some of them I’ve even printed out some of these to hang on my fridge as a daily reminder!


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Rain In Vancouver!?




‘Nuff said.

Just kidding. Kind of. It is Saturday. It is raining. It is Vancouver.

Not too much happening ’round this house today. I need to return/exchange some new workout capris I got from Joe Fresh – they have a hole in the side seam. I need to hit up Costco – I want a rotisserie chicken to make salad. The West End Farmers Market is today. Also it’s Car Free Day on Denman Street.

Since it’s a rainy day, I decided to take transit to run my errands. I get to the bus stop and see the bus is just at the stop before – perfect timing!

As the bus approaches, the sign reads “Sorry Bus Full” and it goes right past.

Now, this isn’t a rare occurrence as this said bus is always a short bus (C23). But today is different because the alternate bus on Davie Street (#6 – regular size bus) has been cancelled due to a “special event”.

Ok – so I wait for the next … it’s only about 10 minutes out. Low and behold … “Sorry Bus Full” and vroom – past it goes!

So I decided to call TransLink (operating company) and inquire if they were planning on using a regular size bus or adding extra short buses, since the alternate route isn’t running today and all the buses are full … she was not helpful.

I decided to cross the street and grab the bus in the wrong direction, stay on and ride it until the stop I actually need comes. Voila – that worked! So finally I’m on my way to run these errands!

Unfortunately Joe Fresh didn’t have the right size to exchange the pants, so I just returned them.

Next I hopped on the SkyTrain on my way to Costco. I only need chicken … but I grabbed a cart anyways (stupid, stupid girl!)

$80 later, a jam-packed tote bag and one perfectly sized box later, I’m on my way home! I ended up with:

  • chicken
  • pretzel crisps
  • hummus
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • red grapes
  • dark red cherries
  • sprouted rice & quinoa blend
  • snap peas
  • 3-pack frozen spinach & feta pizza

I am grateful the bus stop is almost right outside Costco because the tote and box were a bit heavy! I am grateful the bus arrived right when I got to the stop … and that it was pretty well empty! I am grateful my apartment building has keyless fob entry!

And now I’m grateful for Netflix and a great variety of series to watch during this rainy day! Can you say “binge watch OITNB”!? Woot woot!!

I ordered some photo lenses for my iPhone back on June 1. Delivery was estimated to be June 13 – 17 … and today is June 18 and I am lensless.

When I track the shipment, the package has been at USPS Chicago since June 5 … just sitting there.

Until last night … now the package is in CANADA!!! Wooohooo!!! I was starting to get worried that maybe the lenses wouldn’t be here in time for my Vegas trip. Actually, I want them plenty before hand so I can test them out and know how to use them & change them. Hopefully they’ll be delivered Monday or Tuesday!

Also, my next shipment of Le-Vel Thrive shipped on June 15. Normally it’s 2 day delivery, but tracking says it should arrive June 22 … 7 days (WTF!?) LOL however, tracking shows it’s already in Vancouver … so likely to be delivered Monday :o)

Vegas is coming up quickly! I leave July 1 yes!!! Have you been to Vegas? Is there anything I should ABSOLUTELY see?

I am going to see Whitney Cummings on July 2, Neon Museum/Freemont July 3, Garth Brooks July 4 and come home July 5. But I’ve got 3 whole days to fill … see all the sights … just take it all in!

Oh and this coming week, it’s supposed to be 45+ degrees Celsius there … like 115 Fahrenheit! Holy hot batman!

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Dizzy … Nauseous …

Oh how I dislike lingering headaches …

This one is behind my eyes … and in my neck … and in my jaw … and I feel like it’s been there for about 2 weeks. When a show is shot from a shaky-camera angle, it makes me nauseous. Light hurts my eyes.

I am certain it’s a combination of:

  • lack of quality sleep due to think curtains & excessive light (I am NOT complaining about the sun rising around 5:05 am and setting around 9:20 pm
  • fighting a bug

I finished a week of antibiotic eye drops for a bout of pink eye … and had to wear my glasses for that time. I don’t “hate” my glasses, but I much prefer to wear contacts. However, after taking this picture:


I decided that I sometimes LOVE wearing my glasses!

Anyways, I need to find a sleep mask that cups the eyes, instead of laying directly on the eyelids. I think that will be of some help.

This weekend was mellow. I got a car share and went to Walmart on Saturday morning. I mainly needed cat litter, but I also wanted to see if it was possible to print some of my Instagram pictures on the Kodak image printer … and I could!

I had an idea in my mind about how I wanted to display some pictures on the wall above my couch. So after printing a few pictures at Walmart, I went to Indigo (Canadian book chain) to pick up some mini clothes pins/jute combo … oh and at Walmart I also found some cute white flowers that stick on the wall. This is what I came up with:


I was also planning on going to Ikea to pick up a peg board to create a vision board. After printing a few pictures for this, I came home and found that my clean white fridge would be the PERFECT place to create a vision board! The pictures/collages I picked are some of my favorites over the past few months. I know I’ll have more and more in the future and I’ll continue to update my board:


But that is all for now because looking at the computer, even with the brightness dimmed so low, I am not feeling well. Hope this stupid headache-thing leaves my body soon … I’ve only got 18 days until Vegas!!!

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Where oh where …

I’ve been a smidge MIA …

Not much interesting stuff happening for me! LOL

I had pink eye last week and missed a couple of days of work. This is the second time having pink eye (aka conjunctivitis) as an adult. This time was much more mild than the previous time about 2 years ago.

I snagged a free ticket to the City and Colour concert in Vancouver last night. Was nice to get out on a Friday night! But I ended up leaving after about 45 minutes of the main act … the music was good, but I don’t know any of it – makes it hard to enjoy for me.

My Countdown to Vegas has begun! Today marks 27 days left! Cannot wait – so excited!

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