Dizzy … Nauseous …

Oh how I dislike lingering headaches …

This one is behind my eyes … and in my neck … and in my jaw … and I feel like it’s been there for about 2 weeks. When a show is shot from a shaky-camera angle, it makes me nauseous. Light hurts my eyes.

I am certain it’s a combination of:

  • lack of quality sleep due to think curtains & excessive light (I am NOT complaining about the sun rising around 5:05 am and setting around 9:20 pm
  • fighting a bug

I finished a week of antibiotic eye drops for a bout of pink eye … and had to wear my glasses for that time. I don’t “hate” my glasses, but I much prefer to wear contacts. However, after taking this picture:


I decided that I sometimes LOVE wearing my glasses!

Anyways, I need to find a sleep mask that cups the eyes, instead of laying directly on the eyelids. I think that will be of some help.

This weekend was mellow. I got a car share and went to Walmart on Saturday morning. I mainly needed cat litter, but I also wanted to see if it was possible to print some of my Instagram pictures on the Kodak image printer … and I could!

I had an idea in my mind about how I wanted to display some pictures on the wall above my couch. So after printing a few pictures at Walmart, I went to Indigo (Canadian book chain) to pick up some mini clothes pins/jute combo … oh and at Walmart I also found some cute white flowers that stick on the wall. This is what I came up with:


I was also planning on going to Ikea to pick up a peg board to create a vision board. After printing a few pictures for this, I came home and found that my clean white fridge would be the PERFECT place to create a vision board! The pictures/collages I picked are some of my favorites over the past few months. I know I’ll have more and more in the future and I’ll continue to update my board:


But that is all for now because looking at the computer, even with the brightness dimmed so low, I am not feeling well. Hope this stupid headache-thing leaves my body soon … I’ve only got 18 days until Vegas!!!

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