Rain In Vancouver!?




‘Nuff said.

Just kidding. Kind of. It is Saturday. It is raining. It is Vancouver.

Not too much happening ’round this house today. I need to return/exchange some new workout capris I got from Joe Fresh – they have a hole in the side seam. I need to hit up Costco – I want a rotisserie chicken to make salad. The West End Farmers Market is today. Also it’s Car Free Day on Denman Street.

Since it’s a rainy day, I decided to take transit to run my errands. I get to the bus stop and see the bus is just at the stop before – perfect timing!

As the bus approaches, the sign reads “Sorry Bus Full” and it goes right past.

Now, this isn’t a rare occurrence as this said bus is always a short bus (C23). But today is different because the alternate bus on Davie Street (#6 – regular size bus) has been cancelled due to a “special event”.

Ok – so I wait for the next … it’s only about 10 minutes out. Low and behold … “Sorry Bus Full” and vroom – past it goes!

So I decided to call TransLink (operating company) and inquire if they were planning on using a regular size bus or adding extra short buses, since the alternate route isn’t running today and all the buses are full … she was not helpful.

I decided to cross the street and grab the bus in the wrong direction, stay on and ride it until the stop I actually need comes. Voila – that worked! So finally I’m on my way to run these errands!

Unfortunately Joe Fresh didn’t have the right size to exchange the pants, so I just returned them.

Next I hopped on the SkyTrain on my way to Costco. I only need chicken … but I grabbed a cart anyways (stupid, stupid girl!)

$80 later, a jam-packed tote bag and one perfectly sized box later, I’m on my way home! I ended up with:

  • chicken
  • pretzel crisps
  • hummus
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • red grapes
  • dark red cherries
  • sprouted rice & quinoa blend
  • snap peas
  • 3-pack frozen spinach & feta pizza

I am grateful the bus stop is almost right outside Costco because the tote and box were a bit heavy! I am grateful the bus arrived right when I got to the stop … and that it was pretty well empty! I am grateful my apartment building has keyless fob entry!

And now I’m grateful for Netflix and a great variety of series to watch during this rainy day! Can you say “binge watch OITNB”!? Woot woot!!

I ordered some photo lenses for my iPhone back on June 1. Delivery was estimated to be June 13 – 17 … and today is June 18 and I am lensless.

When I track the shipment, the package has been at USPS Chicago since June 5 … just sitting there.

Until last night … now the package is in CANADA!!! Wooohooo!!! I was starting to get worried that maybe the lenses wouldn’t be here in time for my Vegas trip. Actually, I want them plenty before hand so I can test them out and know how to use them & change them. Hopefully they’ll be delivered Monday or Tuesday!

Also, my next shipment of Le-Vel Thrive shipped on June 15. Normally it’s 2 day delivery, but tracking says it should arrive June 22 … 7 days (WTF!?) LOL however, tracking shows it’s already in Vancouver … so likely to be delivered Monday :o)

Vegas is coming up quickly! I leave July 1 yes!!! Have you been to Vegas? Is there anything I should ABSOLUTELY see?

I am going to see Whitney Cummings on July 2, Neon Museum/Freemont July 3, Garth Brooks July 4 and come home July 5. But I’ve got 3 whole days to fill … see all the sights … just take it all in!

Oh and this coming week, it’s supposed to be 45+ degrees Celsius there … like 115 Fahrenheit! Holy hot batman!

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