Six. More. Days.

O.M.F.G. Only 6 more days until I leave for VEGAS!!!

Am I excited? Perhaps a tad *insert stupidly huge grin here*

Happy Friday to everyone! The next 6 days are going to be busy BUSY for me … home and work.

I have some minor errands to run tomorrow. I really REALLY need to get some of my bookkeeping work done and wrapped up – it keeps staring at me! I’m going to the BC Lions home opener game tomorrow night (CFL – Canadian Football League)! I can’t wait … I am in no way a Lions’ fan, but I LOVE football!

Sunday is supposed to be really nice, and my new iPhone photo lenses FINALLY arrived yesterday (and some new workout gear today!), so I’d like to get out for a good walk and take some shots to see how the different lenses work.

At home, I have an “appointment” with Laura, my new cat sitter, on Tuesday. She works at the vet where the girls go and she knows their history. Plus we really hit it off and just totally clicked! She is someone I’d like to add to my friend circle, for sure. She’s coming over Tuesday to go over the regular to-do’s for the girls.

Wednesday will be laundry night. Thursday will be packing.

But on the work side of things … June 30 is the deadline to file corporate income tax returns for companies with December 31 year ends. Of my 3 managers and 1 partner, I still have 59 returns to get in for filing! That’s a HUGE number … I’m hoping my managers will work their tushes off this weekend (but also have time for life!!) so that we can get shit filed early in the week.

Either way, this next 6 days are going to FLY by!

Here is a picture of the small dinosaur that came with my iPhone photo lenses. This picture shows they style of photo each lens takes:


Left to right, top to bottom:
• No filter regular shot of lenses
• Super fisheye
• Fisheye
• Telephoto
• Original (no lens)
• Polarizer
• Wide Angle
• Macro
• Instant filter shot of lenses

And just before bed last night, I snapped a couple of Waszabi:

Waszabi - 062316

I ordered this 5 lens pack (you actually get 6 because one of them is a 2-in-1) from Photojojo. It was $110 including shipping and was actually shipped 2 – 3 days after the order was placed. The package went from South Dakota to North Dakota. Then East to Chicago (but I live on the WEST coast!) and it sat in Chicago from June 5 – June 17!! From June 17 it was in “Canada” … because, you know – Canada is so small! Frick … anyways, the package finally arrived on June 23. The estimated delivery was June 13 – 17.

So far I’m happy with the product, but I really should have done a bit more looking around and perhaps I may have been able to find a similar product a bit more cost effective from a site like Amazon or something.

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