Up 3.6 pounds in 29 days. Wrong direction. Holidays are OVER! And to be perfectly honest, I stayed on “holiday mode” for about 2 1/2 weeks in August when I wasn’t on holidays!

Today (Sunday August 28, 2016) things change and get back on track! Calories officially count again!

I had an amazing smoothie this morning … made in my new (to me; refurbished) Vitamix!!! (Did I tell you I got a Vitamix at the PNE Marketplace on Wednesday!?)

Today’s smoothie was made of:

  • Chocolate Thrive Lifestyle Mix
  • PB2
  • Banana
  • Carob Chips
  • Nescafe Instant Coffee
  • Water
  • Ice

082816 Smoothie

I’ve done my meal prep for the next few days …

  • chicken salad made
  • grains cooked
  • chicken diced

Veggies are already pretty well prepped as I buy mini carrots, snap peas, french green beans … celery has to be cut in half, and cucumbers have to be chopped in long pieces, too.

I don’t like to prep my veggies earlier than the night before as I feel they lose a TON of their (already lacking) flavour.

I buy 2 rotisserie chickens from Costco and break them down … removing skin and fat (and bones, duh!) then I break out 4 large portions of about 2 cups each. I will make 2 batches of chicken salad (one batch already made) and also have 2 portions of just chicken to mix with grains, etc. for dinners.

I also bought a box of 18 Lara bars from Costco. They worked out to $0.77 each which is a killer steal! I haven’t figured when I’ll have a bar … likely before I do my lunch walk/barre class for a little substance, then have my chicken salad and veggies when I get back to work. The Lara bar adds 230 calories to my day and as of current, that is unscheduled calories, but really doesn’t put me way out of range, especially if I do all the cardio & classes I have planned.

I’m scheduled in for 2 barre classes this week … Wednesday and Friday at lunch. And I’m planning to utilize the gym at work for some cardio on the forecast rainy non-barre days. On Thursday, it’s not forecast to rain … so I’m planning on a seawall walk at lunch.

This is all in addition to my 30 minute walk to and from work. And if weather permits, I’d like to get in a few more walks in the evenings. I really like the walk to Siwash Rock and back … it’s about 7 1/5 km round trip … takes about 90 minutes.

But if weather does NOT permit, I really shouldn’t let that be an excuse as my apartment building has a (free) gym with lots of equipment!

There are 25 weeks until my 35th birthday … so I’ll keep with my 5 Week Weigh In & Measure as I was doing before holidays.

And I think my blogging goal will be Sunday evenings …


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