December! Blogmas! Advent Calendar!

2016 marks my 3rd year of watching Vlogmas on my favorite YouTube channels! Some of my favorite channels, vlogmas or not, are:

I like vlogs; they are easy to watch (usually) and help bring a bit of normality into a life that can get lost with so much busyness! I find the best time to watch YouTube videos for me is when I’m horizontal in bed, ready to unwind.

And so that brings me to my first every Blogmas! I am going to make every effort to write a blog post every day from December 1 through December 24! They may not be long and they may not be very interesting … it’ll just depend on what that day brought to my life.

I am also a keener on Advent Calendars! The typical advent calendar that most people think of relate to chocolate. And 2 years ago, I created my own advent calendar made up of wine … FULL BOTTLES of wine! OMG it was glorious, but OMG it was a challenge! I didn’t have much trouble enjoying the bottles of white wine, but I’m not a huge fan of red wine, so those bottles would take me a couple of days to polish off.

The advent calendar I’ve decided on for 2016 is the 24 Days of Tea advent calendar from DAVIDsTEA and I will do a review of each flavor. So let’s get this Blogmas Advent Calendar started!



It was a busy day at work. I had meetings from 10:00 am through 4:30 pm, with a work lunch at 1:30 pm. It was a busy day. I got a lot done, but felt like I got nothing accomplished.

We were also celebrating one of our co-workers who is leaving tomorrow for a job with another firm. I had a small glass of wine and a couple of chips with dip, but was feeling a headache coming on from a lack of water and an excess of body heat (I wore my new “ugly” Christmas sweater that I purchased from Suzy Shier), so I packed up and headed for the bus.

Now I’m home, feet up, HTGAWM on (I’m behind a few episodes), and Day 1 of 24 Days of Tea cooling off so that I can drink it! I’m feeling lazy and not wanting to make dinner … so I’ve had a few handfuls of Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn (as a single woman does!)

Advent Calendar Day 1: Snow Day


“Got a blizzard on the way? Score! There’s no better excuse to cozy up inside with a great cup of tea. And this all natural chocolate-mint tisane is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly winter day. With peppermint, cacao nibs and dark chocolate drops, it’s sweet, creamy and oh-so comforting. The best part? Cute little snowflake-shaped sprinkles that add a touch of sweetness. Bring it on, winter!”


This tea has the sweetest little snowflakes! And cute little speckled chocolate chips!


I do smell a slight hint of chocolate mint, and I taste it, as well! This is a nice flavor – not too strong, but plenty enough to kick a craving. I’ll get 2 mason jars of steeped tea from this little tin (about 4 teaspoons total) and since it’s listed as “low caffeine”, I might have that second jar tonight … or maybe I’ll save this and make it 48 Days of Tea!

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