Blogmas 2016 – Day 2


Work was much less busy today – lovely change from yesterday.

We started the day out with our Breakfast Club. On the 1st Friday of each month, we have 2 – 3 staff members who volunteer to bring breakfast foods for the group. Today the volunteers provided us with some delicious scones, muffins & croissants, a great fruit platter with some crackers, Brie & ham, as well as some home-made quiches! Oh and some Timbits!

We gather and eat and socialize for about 30 minutes – it’s really a nice way to kick of the day!

I took a late lunch … close to 1:15 pm instead of my usual 12:30 pm lunch … and just grabbed a quick small bite to eat … because I have dinner plans!

Two weeks ago, I treated myself to a wonderful steak dinner at The Keg, at Dunsmuir & Granville, before heading to Vogue Theatre on Granville Street to take in the Just for Laughs Comedy Tour featuring Dane Cook.

Well tonight, I treated myself to a(nother) wonderful stead dinner, but this time I chose the Cactus Club, at Dunsmuir & Burrard, before heading to Rogers Arena to take in Amy Schumer‘s act!

At both places I ordered a 7 or 8 oz sirloin steak and both came with mashed potatoes & vegetables. The Keg had garlic mashed potatoes and long green beans, while the Cactus Club had buttery mashed potatoes and asparagus.

I prefer the garlic mashed potatoes because I love garlic, but I prefer the asparagus because they were just cooked and seasoned better than the green beans.

Both steaks were ordered to be cooked medium. The steak at The Keg came to my table cooked exactly as requested. While the steak at the Cactus Club came a bit under cooked … more medium rare, I’d say. And I was able to tell this by slicing through the middle of the steak to look right inside.

And anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to hold back and not say what needs to be said. So I called my server over and let her know the steak was under cooked. She said she’d take it back to the kitchen, but asked if I wanted to keep my sides (potatoes & asparagus) while the kitchen fixed my steak … to which I replied “no, I’d like my meal served together” – fair request. So off she went …

Another reason I sliced through the middle of the steak, in essence creating 2 smaller steaks, is so that the kitchen would hopefully take a clue and make me a whole new steak … having grown up in a home with a professional chef (and watching Gordon Ramsey on TV), I know that you can’t serve a re-heated steak after it’s been sitting … you just canNOT!

Almost on queue, the server came to let me know the kitchen would be making me an entirely new dish (meaning I would have to wait another however many minutes (15 maybe?) for it to be ready … but that’s ok – I want my steak how I ordered it and I want it served as it should be had it been correct the first time. I don’t think that is asking much and the kitchen fully understands that – awesome service!

So steak # 2 arrives and it’s cooked perfect! And it’s seasoned perfect! And it tastes perfect! So I devour it, while savouring it at the same time.

My original plan to eat at this location of the Cactus Club was so that I was only a block away from the skytrain station and could quickly/easily grab the train to the next stop and head right in to the comedy show … but when I got outside, it was DRY!!! And since we has a whopping 6 DAYS OF NO RAIN in all of October AND November COMBINED, I was taking advantage of no rain … so I walked to the show. I probably only took me 15 minutes, and it was the best way to start the steak-digesting process.

Amy Schumer was good and funny … but not gut-busting as I expected her to be. It was nice to go to an event and yet be home by 10:30 pm! I usually head to bed to wind down around 9:00 pm, with sleep coming quickly by 9:36 pm (yes, 9:36 pm … almost nightly … including weekends) so staying OUT until 10:30 pm is HUGE for me … let alone I still needed to come home, have my Advent Calendar Day 2 Tea and write Blogmas Day 2.

So here I sit with my 2 cats all fed and happy! We’re all in our happy place (being the introverts we are)!

Advent Calendar Day 2: Organic Serenity Now


“So maybe you burned dinner. Maybe the dishwasher broke. Again. Maybe you just forgot to hit “save.” Life is full of stressful surprises. But lucky for us, life is also full of tea. And this oh-so-soothing blend is a guaranteed one-way ticket to your happy place. It’s got serene strawberries, harmonious hibiscus and restful rosehips, all in a base of low-key lavender. So get that kettle started and brace yourself for the rush of calm. Bring it on, life. We got this.”


Ok truth be told … I looked at the tea in the Day 2 slot and it was called Jumpy Monkey and had a caffeine rating of “stimulating” … so I made the executive decision … at 10:45 pm … to switch Day 2 with Day 4.


I’m not a huge lavender fan and this definitely smells of lavender. But I agree that it’s very low-key! It smells like you’re at the spa … drinking the spa … living in the spa! This tea was the perfect choice for a late night drink!

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