Blogmas Day 10


Welcome to Saturday! For me – this past work week went by really quick … I was a little baffled how yesterday was already Friday. But excited for the weekend.

Today I was awoken around 6:15 am by my lovely fur baby, Waszabi. She was ready for breakfast and was having none of letting me sleep! I managed to push her and Baunzai until 7:00 am.

After getting them both their breaky, I called my mom. It’s something that has become a bit of a ritual since moving to Vancouver in August 2015. Every Saturday morning we talk on the phone … sometimes it’s quick – just 15 minutes or so, but most of the time it’s upwards of 30+ minutes. This morning was 45 minutes … just catching up on the week that was, the weekend and week ahead and anything else that comes to mind.


Then I had to venture out to Safeway (about 2 blocks away) and pick up some butter and milk as I planned to make another batch of Minimalist Baker‘s Sugar Cookies (I made them last weekend but wasn’t thrilled with the end result). This time I was going to add more milk than the recipe called for in order to make the dough actually stick together like dough. The recipe calls for 1 TBSP, but I ended up using 5 TBSP. I wonder if it’s because I was using regular flour as opposed to gluten-free flour, but none the less, it worked out.

I also rolled them out thicker than I had previously, and cooked them for only 10 minutes (the recipe calls for 11 – 12 minutes) and they turned out great. I let them cool and then decorated them with the icing recipe that is included.


I plan on taking the 1st batch to a work social next week, and while I don’t want this whole batch in my house for me to consume, I do plan on saving a few to take home for Christmas.

I decided to buy/subscribe to Minimalist Baker’s Food Photography School to learn a few ins and outs & tips and tricks to enhance my IG account.

This afternoon I caught up on Criminal Minds (my PVR got really full as I was cramming The Walking Dead on Netflix during November) and relaxing.

My work Christmas party is this evening … doors open at 6:00 pm and I plan on being there for that time. Last year I arrived closer to 7:00 pm and the food and (free) wine was already gone.

It’s just about 3:00 pm and I will shower and get ready around 4:00 pm … it’s been such a lazy relaxing day that I didn’t even put on any underwear or a bra! LOL … later … when I have to go fully out in public …

I didn’t have my Advent Calendar tea today and doubt I’ll get to it, so I’ll likely have it in the morning and then tomorrow’s tea at night … so 2 “reviews” coming tomorrow.

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