Blogmas Day 11


What a lack lustre day … I was a bit hung over!

The Christmas party was a great time! The food was good, the turnout was good … probably half as many as last year but there were some areas that got quite a bit of snow, so people didn’t want to venture out.

There was a cover band that came on around 9:00 pm and they were awesome! The group of girls I was with … about 7 of us … were all out on the dance floor the whole time! The band had about a 30 minute break around 10:30 pm, but otherwise played until 12:30 am! We definitely burned a shit tonne of calories on that dance floor!!

Also because there were so few attendees, the free wine lasted longer … until about 9:30 pm. I only had to buy 2 drinks, but holy Hannah … I consumed my fair share of alcohol!

I was home and in bed around 1:30 am and unfortunately my internal clock seems to stay on track as I was up around 6:30 am. I’ve napped 2 times and ventured out for a bit of a walk this afternoon. What a write off of a day!

I did paint my nails with a new deep red and a silver glitter that I bought when I was out this afternoon. I wanted to try a technique I saw on how to apply glitter polish … here is the video from Kelli Marissa! I still need to find some liquid latex, but on first try, this technique is awesome!

Advent Calendar Day 10: Green Passionfruit


“Want to stay ahead of the curve? Take it from us. Passion fruit is the next big thing. It’s popping up on fancy menus all over the world. Can’t say we’re surprised – its sharp, tangy taste is unique, addictive and totally out of this world. And this all-natural green tea blend is a great way to get a taste. With sweet pineapple, pretty flower petals and a big hit of passion fruit essence, it’s sure to be all the rage. Try it over ice or infused into your next martini.”


This tea did have a light sweetness to it which helped soften the typical green tea bite. I am actually really glad I saved this tea for today as it was a well received item for my hangover! The blue flower petals were really pretty.


Advent Calendar Day 11: Hot Chocolate


“We take hot chocolate pretty seriously around here. It’s gotta be rich, decadent and mega-creamy. And after searching high and low for the ultimate hot chocolate tea, we finally found the perfect blend. We took a flavourful base of pu’erh and black tea, then we added real cocoa nibs and fudgy chocolate chips. The result? An uber-chocolately blend worthy of the name Hot Chocolate. Dark, sweet and totally satisfying, it’s the perfect winter treat.”


Oh yeah – this one is lovely! I enjoy a hot chocolate ever so often, but I don’t really like how sweet hot chocolate it. This tea is the perfect blend! It’s got the great chocolate flavor but the sweet factor has been removed! OMG I think this will be one I purchase (there has only been a couple I’ve thought that about so far).


Tomorrow is Monday and back to work. It’s supposed to be a dry week, and clear, nice & sunny … but that means cold! The high later in the week is -4 which is flipping cold for Vancouver!

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