Blogmas Day 12


Half way through blogmas already! What!?

Happy Monday folks! The work day went by quickly but I really couldn’t tell you what I did … hmmm …

At lunch I headed up to Sephora to pick up that liquid latex I was researching, and also got a base coat and some cuticle oil.

I feel like I’ve spent the whole evening doing my nails! I started around 6:15 pm and seriously just finished and it’s 8:45 pm! I took off the polish I did yesterday as I wanted to try the glitter technique again. And I wanted to use the new liquid latex and see how user-friendly it is.

I think with a bit more use, I’ll become better at using it. But it did help keep the glitter and some polish off my cuticles and skin. I tried using a concealer brush dipped in the acetone to remove the polish that did get on my skin and that seemed to work quite well and was much more detailed.

Advent Calendar Day 12: Bear Trap


“Seriously, this might be the best way to stop a bear in its tracks. They love berries, and this tea is full of them. The aroma of black currants, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries is totally irresistible. Plus it’s calming, which is important when taming wild animals. Just don’t try to take it away from them.”


Oh man this tea smells scrumptious! It’s got a lovely fruit aroma … really a great temptation! Drinking this tea is like having a berry crumble, without all the sugar and calories! I could really smell the blackberries and raspberries!


I told one of my clients I would have their work done for them tonight … but my nail painting got in the way! Luckily she’s chill and I’ll get it to her tomorrow!

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