Blogmas Day 13


Do you ever eat your normal meals, and sometimes what feels like everything in the fridge, and still feel hungry?

Well that was Baunzai this morning and this evening! I recently opened a new bag of food for her and it’s so fresh that she practically inhales her meals! She gets one scoop for breakfast and two scoops for dinner. After she ate her dinner she kept staring at me … and when I’d get up to do anything, she’d run over to her (empty) dish! LOL she’s so cute!

Work was good – the morning seemed to fly by!

The afternoon went quickly, as well. I had to do a bit of running around/errands as we’re having a Holiday Social tomorrow afternoon. I had to go pick up pop, juice, and fruit to make punch. Then I stopped at the dollar store to grab some cups and plates. Next up was the liquor store to grab a mickey of Malibu rum to spike one of the punch batches!

Drop that all back at the office, then hop a skytrain to Costco. I picked up 2 types of chips, some pretzel crisps and an artichoke, Parmesan, garlic dip! This is going to be great!

This evening I had a shower to wash my hair and shave my legs. Tomorrow morning I’ll straighten my hair so that it’s lovely and smooth!!!

After that, I crushed some of the pre-bookkeeping work for a client and texted with a couple of friends.

Advent Calendar Day 13: Creme Caramel Rooibos


“There are few dessert teas more satisfying than Crème Caramel Rooibos. Smooth, sweet and creamy, it’s a taste sensation. And the best part is it’s made with South African rooibos, which is caffeine-free, nutty and naturally sweet. So indulge in a caramel dream. At zero calories, it might be the healthiest thing you do all day.”


This tea has a nice light aroma of caramel … not too sweet smellling! And the taste of caramel is a bit light, too. It’s almost like the center of a Caramilk bar, but way less sweet.


That’s all for today! I’m off to see just where my Blogmas Day 12 ended up because it doesn’t appear to be reflecting on my site!


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