Blogmas Day 14


I didn’t want to work this morning … at all.

I started to get a headache around 9:30 am, so I drank some water and took some Tylenol. I then had my morning smoothie and more water.

I was feeling a bit like a bug was taking over my body and that I was fighting it. I’m hoping that a good night’s sleep with assist in feeling 100% tomorrow!

I had a nice lunch from Jugo Juice which consisted of the Kale Chicken Caesar flatbread and a Watermelon Wiggle smoothie.


In the afternoon I had a package arrive that I had ordered from Society6 … this one contained the “plain” black hoodie I ordered … but it is “plain” because it has the phases of the moon on the back. Best is that it fits!


I spent an hour setting up for our work Team Social … those who attended all had great comments and praises on the spread and turn out!


Advent Calendar Day 14: Irish Breakfast


“Ireland is one of the biggest tea drinking countries around. And trust us, they know their stuff. Traditionally, they go for strong black tea, often simmered on the stove all day long. And this rich, full bodied black tea is no exception. A blend of teas from Assam and Sri Lanka, it brews up nutty, fruity and bold, with hints of wild dark honey – and a robust taste that can stand up to a bit of milk and sugar. If there’s a better way to start the day, we don’t wanna know about it.”


I taste the black tea side of this … but also perhaps it tastes a bit like an Orange Pekoe? This is a nice blend and while it is medium caffeine, I’m hopeful for the “normal” caffeine affect for me! It does say that it would fare well with a bit of milk and sugar … but I don’t add anything to my tea …


Now I’m relaxing while watching the season finale of Survivor!

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