Blogmas Day 16


Happy Friday!!!

My night last night ended with a fire truck outside my building …

And I was awoken around 1:00 am by another fire truck outside the building across the street!

I wasn’t able to get back to sleep right away, so I brought out some cookbooks and flagged pages of recipes I’d like to try. I am thinking a goal for 2017 will be to try at least 1 new recipe each week!

Anyways, after I finally did get back to sleep, the time went quickly! I woke up just before my 7:00 am alarm. After getting ready to the basic level, I headed out the door and walked up to the lab for some blood work.

I stopped at Shoppers on my way back, and when I got home I finished getting ready for the day. I had a couple other medical appointments, but let’s not bore you with those details!

I walked to Old Navy as I received an email that their pajama bottoms were on for $6 each … so I grabbed 2 new pairs. I also grabbed what we think are neck warmers … not quite sure I will use them, so I may just return them … they were only $2 each!

I also picked up two new sports bras without trying them on. Later when I got home and tried them on, they both fit, but one is a much better fit than the other … so I ended up going online and ordering a couple more. Bonus is that Old Navy has guaranteed delivery by December 23rd!

After Old Navy, I popped into Pacific Centre mall … I needed some tee tree toner from The Body Shop and I wanted to stop by DAVIDsTEA to pick up a gift certificate for my cat sitter.

Next I was heading to my hair stylist (Kendall at Stratosphere Salon) for a trim, and after, decided to go to Meet in Gastown for lunch. It’s a very popular vegan restaurant (2nd location) and since I was nearby, the timing was perfect.


I browsed the menu and ordered a Snake Bite (lager & cider) to drink, and the (Chiggin) Whiskey BBQ Caesar Salad for lunch. It was really quite good … and I’d like to go back another time to try one of their burgers.


Next up was Costco! My list consisted of bananas and spinach … and I did get that, as well as a bag of sweet potatoes, a bag of Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt popcorn, and a large Toblerone bar (to enjoy with my parents)!

Ok finally I made my way home. Then I remembered I wanted to check the health store down the road for a brand of Kombucha that a co-worker shared with me, and I needed to make a payment on my Line of Credit.

Wow – what a busy day!

The afternoon (say, after 2:00 pm perhaps) has been more relaxing. I’ve enjoyed yesterday’s Advent Calendar tea, made a batch of mini quiches, and watched a bit of Homeland.

Advent Calendar Day 15: Coconut Cream Pie


“Rich coconut. Creamy white chocolate. And a golden, buttery crust. Can anything top a coconut cream pie? It’s a dessert so dreamy, so fluffy, it’s like eating a deliciously retro cloud. If we had our way, we’d be snacking on coconut-filled custard 24/7. Lucky for us, this tea came along. It’s an unbelievably decadent blend of toasted coconut, white chocolate and cane sugar, all on a base of smooth-drinking oolong. The best part? It’s an all-natural blend. We’ve got pie hopes for this one…”


This tea smelled like fresh coconut and when I took the first few sips, I was brought back to a Jamaican morning eating fresh young coconut flesh! Wow – really a nice tea!


Now I’m on to Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas and today’s Advent Calendar tea.

Advent Calendar Day 16: Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait


“The ancient Chinese used it in medicine. The medieval Europeans traded for it along the Silk Road. And today we love it in pies, sauces, muffins or just plain, dipped in a little sugar. But the best way to eat rhubarb is with sweet, ripe strawberries. Like in this refreshingly fruity, deep red tisane. It tastes as bright and juicy as a fresh-picked berry, with a tart rhubarb punch and a subtle hint of yogurt creaminess. We love it hot or iced, or as the base for sweet, zippy sangria. Now that’s a beautiful thing.”


The aroma from this tea is wonderful! I can smell ripe strawberries, but not so much the rhubarb … perhaps I taste the tartness of rhubarb, however. Also in the smell comes a bit of … maybe ice cream, or likely yogurt, since it’s a parfait!


Anyways, it’s nice that today is just Friday and I still have 2 more days off. I haven’t anything planned for this weekend … aside from a major apartment clean!

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