September Preview

September. Month 9. Last month in Q3. WHAT?!

Back on January 31, I attended an admissions interview at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for their part-time evening program starting in September 2017.

Well, I was accepted and that program starts NEXT WEEK!

That means my ‘normal’ schedule of coming home, being a couch-potato, and being in bed by 9:30 pm is LONG GONE! I’ll be in class Monday and Thursday from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm for the next 2 years! Factor in travel time back home, I estimate getting home around 10:00 pm or so. Then factor in winding-down, feeding the cats, and showering … I think bed might be around 11:00 pm or so!

And you might be thinking “but Shannon, that’s only 2 nights a week – you GOT this!” and I believe you!! But what about the rest?

  • Day job … M-F, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Home-based business … varies
  • In-class … M & T, 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Homework & assignments … likely 6 – 7 hours per week
  • Travel … 30 min to/from work; 30-45 min to/from school
  • Weekly call with Mom
  • Housework

Plus I NEED to fit in TV time – not negotiable!

On top of all of this, I started using an amazing nutrition system on June 1, 2017 and have had AMAZING results in just 3 months (stay tuned for a complete 3-month update in early September … here is my direct site – if you have any questions, I would LOVE to connect)! While I have been using the system, I haven’t increased or changed my exercise amount … which is relatively low to none!

So now after 3 months, I want to incorporate actual exercise! Strength. Cardio. Abs.

  • Gym … 4 times per week, 1 hour minimum
  • Back-to-back cleanse days … once a week (2 days, obvi), on non-gym days

I decided to utilize my GonaGetHealthy account and Google calendar to literally block off time for everything that I’ll NEED to fit in! I still have a bunch of tweeking to do, but here’s what an average week in September will look like …

GGH Google Calendar

As you can see, I have a TON of time on Saturday (LOL) and possibly a few ‘spare’ hours on Sunday!

What have I gotten myself into!?

I am so ready for this! “Idle hands are the devils play things”, no?

So how about the last week of August? I am on vacation for 10 days … rather, staycation!

I started today off with a quick trip to Walmart in North Vancouver to pick up some essentials and some necessities! I grabbed deodorant, cat litter, toothpaste, and most exciting for the workout aspect, I bought 10-pound dumbbells! I currently have 2 lb balls, and 5- and 8-lb dumbbells, but know I needed 10-lb for my arm workouts. I also wanted a 12-lb dumbbell, but they didn’t have any and I’m not mentally ready for a 15-lb dumbbell!

Next up was my regular 3-week appointment with Quanh at Sophie Nails for my shellac manicure. She does such an awesome job – I just adore her! I opted for a nice white polish with a subtle gold shimmer on each ring finger.

What was next …

Oh yeah! Hop on the bus, and then another bus and hit up Indigo Chapters for a quick return. Then walk a couple of blocks to the skytrain for a 40-minute ride out to Surrey. Why? Well because I bought a wicked cute ironic-saying tank from Warehouse One but some of the silk screen letters were stuck together and it was wrecked …

So pop out there, return the tank (which I’ve already ordered a replacement online!), then hop back on the skytrain for another 40-minute ride back to Vancouver.

I got off the skytrain at the Stadium-Chinatown station because it’s right at the downtown Costco location! I needed to pick up a 5-pack of rollers … you know, the kind you use to get pet hair off your black clothes? Well I use a SHIT TON (technical term) of the roller sheets to de-hair my duvet cover after I wash it.

I also picked up some Boomchickapop popcorn, as one does at Costco, and some wicked awesome new frying pans by Heritage, called The Rock Plus! I got a 9 1/2″ pan and an 11″ pan for $44.99, plus tax. These pans are good for all cook-tops as well as they can go in the oven! Plus … the thickness of the pan, makes me think warping is a thing of the past!

That’s about all that I did today! Tomorrow isn’t too exciting … I have a bit of bookkeeping to take care of so that it’s off my list.

But Monday is exciting! I have a 1-hour massage at 9:00 am, then I see my wicked awesome Chiro, Tyler Hunsberger, at 10:15 am! OMG I can’t wait! I had such bad lower back pain back in January and Ty was able to work it out! I currently go see him once a month, but I might kick it up to every 2 weeks just for a bit of a boost.

On Tuesday, my folks are coming down for a few days … they are going to see Tom Cochrane and Redrider at the PNE on Tuesday, the three of us are going to bike the seawall on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, we’ll all go to the PNE and check out the exhibits … as well, we’re going to The Doobie Brothers!!!

After the parental units leave on Friday, I will still have 4 days with nothing planned! Not sure what I’ll end up doing … hopeful for beautiful weather for some seawall walks and natural Vitamin D.

Ok there you have it – a quick and dirty catch-up and preview post! Be sure to stay tuned for my 3-month results … and perhaps I’ll post my next 3-month goals!


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