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Busy Weekend

Today is Monday September 5, 2016.

It’s Labour Day (in Canada) meaning it’s a bank/government holiday and a stat holiday at work! It’s the last long weekend of the summer and school starts tomorrow for students in BC.

The last week was good. Work was work. Felt like it went rather quickly.

I went for lunch with some co-workers on Thursday … they picked a Japanese restaurant (specializing in sushi) … and I’m not a sushi fan. But I figured I’d find SOMETHING to eat there!

I ended up ordering the Avocado Mango sushi roll, a veggie cone, and veggie tempura. The tempura was delicious, but I ended up giving away 3 of the maybe 10 pieces of veggies because they were “gross” veggies (mushrooms and peppers) LOL

Here is the roll and cone … both really tasty!

090116 Veggie Cone

Then that night I had plans to meet my nephew for dinner, along with his grandma, aunt & uncle and their 2 kids, at Famoso (delicious pizza!) The grandma and aunt are on his dad’s side and they reached out to me while Lukus was in town, as his mom (my sister) keeps him from seeing/contacting me (and other family members). It was so nice to see him, but he’s 15 (will be 16 in late October) and a boy … so he likely could care less to spend time together LOL dinner was awesome and it was so great to see him and his grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins! I have always really gotten along well with Lukus’ dad’s family.

I even tried a new pizza at Famoso … this is the Spicy Thai pizza – delicious! Meatballs were on special, so I have a few of them along with a few mozza balls for an appy. Then was really already full … so just had a couple pieces of pizza. I took the rest home, along with another full Cavoletti pizza, for future meals!

Then on Saturday I headed off for a day trip tour! We spent 4 hours “speeding” atop the water to go whale watching and were fortunate enough to see about 10 different Orcas! We even saw a large male Orca hunting (salmon, likely) … he was coming up often, quick, and very flip-floppy … that’s a sign they’re hunting. When they are simply coming up “for air”, it’s more in a straight, controlled line.

090316 Orcas

Then we were dropped off at the Inner Harbour of Victoria … and this is a big deal for me because at 34 1/2 years of age, and having spent about 33 1/2 of those years in BC, I’ve never been to Vancouver Island! So I was able to spend a couple of hours walking around and exploring Victoria, then took a shuttle bus to Butchart Gardens.

090316 BC Parliament090316 Victoria Harbour

Unfortunately, I took the last shuttle, so I only had about 30 minutes at the Gardens and it would have been nice to have more time … just means I’ll have to take a weekend and go back to see/do more!

090316 Butchart Gardens

Then we took about 2 hours to boat back to Vancouver!

Yesterday I made my way out to Bowen Island to visit my besties and check out their new house. They started building it last September (maybe August!) and it was supposed to be done in March/April, but it just passed permits for them to move into about 3 weeks ago!

We spend time just hanging out, and had a BBQ dinner. Then I came home and now it’s today!

090416 Stevie

I have a ton of bookkeeping to do today, and I also need to do laundry, clean the apartment, meal prep, etc. today!

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