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Anxiety & Clutter


The name of a song by the Black Eyed Peas – and a good song at that!

However, today anxiety is exactly what I felt at work. Not a good feeling at ALL!  I remember growing up having a ton of anxiety attacks and also a few in my young adult life. However, since changing to a vegan diet I have experienced a drastic reduction in the amount of anxiety attacks that overcome me … even after stopping my anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication in June 2013.

Today was different. Something about the file I am working on created a huge amount of anxiety by day’s end. I felt the heavy pressure on my chest and was slightly hyperventilating on my walk home. Not a feeling I enjoy.

I want to stay home and be a hermit … I just want to avoid work. Something is feeling … off. I haven’t had this feeling about my job for a long while. I actually LOVE my job and LOVE going in every day.

My roll usually slows down in the fall but I was given a lot of extra responsibilities this year … which clearly resulted in no slow time for me. It can be nice because most days fly by. But today – gosh … I don’t know. Something was off.

I came home and walked into my kitchen. And a MESSY kitchen it was! Oh my – this kitchen needed to be cleaned. Something about a clean kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and house as a whole helps clear ones mind and allows for positive energy.

Here is my MESSY kitchen:


It may be a little difficult to see but the counters are cluttered and my stove is covered in dirty pots & pans. I have a side board behind my love seat that acts as an extra counter and it is also extremely cluttered.


After some good tunes and about 30 minutes, it’s clean! I LOVE a clean kitchen! It allows me to embrace my creative chef’s side to it’s fullest!

Tomorrow is Friday. Only 7 ½ hours of work until it’s the weekend. I am going to take the weekend and decompress my mind, body and soul.

Due to this horrible anxiety attack, I forwent the gym today. And I have to work until 5:00 pm tomorrow (instead of 4:30 pm) because the receptionist is off and I will cover the front desk. But I will bring my gym gear and make my way for some much needed and DESERVED cardio and a hot tub after work tomorrow!

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