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Life Update

March 12, 2017 … that was the last blog post I made?! Holy heck where have the past almost-4 months gone!?

I’m now just shy of two months from the start of my schooling, Holistic Nutrition! I have received all but one of my 1st semester books and I have begun reading … but my mindset isn’t quite there.

Work is good. Life is good. That about sums it up!

Ok, bye!


Just kidding! But yeah, work is good – there have been some changes to personnel, but luckily I’m still an employee! Life is good – summer is finally here (with a vengeance!) and I am NOT complaining!!

I took a weekend in March to visit a high school friend in Kelowna. Then I took a weekend in April to visit my best friend, also in Kelowna. And I took a second long weekend in May, but just stayed home and relaxed. Otherwise I haven’t had any time (or money – thanks tuition!) for a vacation.

I’m heading home, to Penticton, next weekend to visit my folks and a couple of friends, but it’ll also be a quick trip. I even decided to pay the high cost to fly instead of taking the bus – since it’s such a quick trip, I didn’t want to spend 10 total hours on a bus when I could pony up a bit more cash and fly for 45 minutes each way!

I have made the August-, October-, and November long weekends into 4-day weekends, and I have a week booked off at the end of August when my folks are coming for a visit, and to attend a couple of concerts at the PNE!

June 1st I started a 30-day program with Isagenix. The program is to do “shake days” and 4 “cleanse days”. On the shake days, you ideally replace 2 meals with Isagenix shakes, have one 400-600 calorie meal, and a couple of small snacks. On the cleanse days, you consume 4 servings of Isagenix’s Cleanse for Life product at regular intervals.

Now, I will admit that I was NOT diligent when it came to having 2 shakes a day. Probably 25%-35% of the time was on par … but the rest, well … I wanted a meal.

I lost a total of 7 pounds during this 30-day program, and I’ll reiterate … I DIDN’T FOLLOW THE PLAN 100%!

So I decided to compress the cleanse days into a 12 day program to be completed right before I head home for the visit. This is not abnormal as Isagenix offers a 9-day program, too.

I’ve completed 2 cleanse days already and tomorrow is # 3. As of this morning, I’m down about 3 pounds in 8 days … again, not being 100% on the shake days.

It’s a huge help getting and keeping me motivated on my health journey! Every little bit helps!!!

Other things that have happened is Baunzai turned 11 in June, and Waszabi turned 17 at the beginning of July.

Seventeen. Holy heck! I love that girl so flipping much!

Baunzai’s birthday collage:


Waszabi’s birthday collage:


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Blogmas Day 8


Work happened.

And then I left about 30 minutes early.

But somehow I got home almost an hour early …

Next up was laundry (it became a MUST DO situation … you know how it goes … back-up pairs of undies situation!)

Now it’s almost 8:00 pm and what have I done!? I had dinner while watching some Alone. And I caught up on a few YouTube/Vlogmas videos.

While I steeped my tea, I did the dishes that had become a MUST DO situation! LOL (do any other mid-30’s adults get into these MUST DO situations such as I do?)

Advent Calendar Day 8: Organic Ginger Pear


“Some flavours are just made for each other. Pear and ginger are definitely two of them. The combo of sweet, delicate pear and warm, spicy ginger is more than the sum of its parts – especially in this perfectly balanced, organic white tea. With ginger, cinnamon, pear, apple and rosehips, it’s lightly spiced, lushly fruity and deliciously comforting. No wonder pear and ginger are so inseparable. They’re just so good together.”


I taste the ginger, but not in an over-powering ginger kind of way. It’s a nice flavor. I don’t know that I really taste any pear, cinnamon or apple. But this is a very enjoyable tea!


I’m really excited to make more mini quiches this weekend with all the extra ingredients I picked up yesterday! Oooh I can’t wait – beyond stupidly excited!

This weekend is my company’s Christmas Party (or Japanese Blossom Ball as it’s themed this year). Last year I waited and waited and waited for a cab that never showed and I think I ended up walking or taking the bus … getting there about 1 – 1 1/2 hours later than “opening” and missed all the food and free wine.

So this year I’m planning better …

I’m going to be ready early and just take the bus because it drops half a block away, and be there for BEFORE it opens! Since it’s a Japanese Blossom Ball theme, there will be sushi and Japanese-style foods … something I’m not 100% a fan of, but hey – it’s free food! LOL

Also last year was very overwhelming for me. For the prior 8 years, I had been part of an office of 15 people … so even if everyone brought a date (which didn’t happen), there would be 30 people.

But with the new company, there is approximately 700 staff members! Of course not everyone goes to the holiday party, but there was still around 300 – 400 people and it was just a lot to take in. Plus I had only been with the company for 4 1/2 months and hadn’t grown the necessary relationships to feel 100% comfortable.

This year is different …

I have made MANY close relationships and a few outside-of-work friendships! So I’ll be so much more comfortable making rounds and socializing.

But my one dilemma … what to wear? I was thinking of wearing my “normal” black pumps that I wear at work (they are black and comfy), as well as (my favorite) black skinny jeggings (from Old Navy) … but what shirt?

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