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1st Countdown of 2014

I find that I respond really well to countdowns.

Like, when I am going on vacation, I start counting down pretty much when I book the trip.

The 1st countdown of 2014 relates to a concert. Back before Christmas, a couple of coworkers and I decided to buy tickets to Florida Georgia Line for their concert here in Penticton on April 10, 2014. Starting today, the countdown is 81 days (and this does not include the day of the concert) … so just over 11 weeks.

The last concert I went to was also with coworkers and we went to see Brad Paisley here in Penticton last August. The concert was AWESOME but my dad’s girlfriend commented to me on a picture of us at the concert and said “we couldn’t believe how much weight you had gained!” … ouch.

Ouch because I hadn’t actually gained any weight, nor had I lost any.

So when we bought the tickets to FGL, I decided I wanted to drop a few pounds and feel better about myself. Now, we are 19 days into January and I’ve been to the gym a total that can be counted on 1 hand. My weight has slightly crept up (not drastic, but enough that I don’t like it more that I didn’t like it before) but I’ve got 81 days to make a dent.

The weather in the valley has been foggy and “cold” (maybe about 2 – 4 degrees celsius for a high) so I’ve been reluctant to leave my condo other than to go to work and get groceries. But with 81 days until the concert, I’ve got to get moving.

The plan today is to start fresh. And by “fresh” I mean with a juice – freshly juiced in-house:


Fresh produce all washed and chopped – ready for the juicer. This amount of produce (a lot, honestly!) made just over 1 ½ shaker cups. I would estimate this to be around 500 – 700 calories and it keeps me content until lunch … maybe longer because I normally have breakfast around 7:00 am and today I had it around 9:30 am.

I also plan on walking to Rona to buy a new fluorescent light bulb for the light above my sink and a new filter for my range hood. The walk to Rona is about 30+ minutes each way.

I would also like to step it up and go to the gym for more cardio and possibly some strength training – but we’ll see how time goes. I want to watch the Seattle Seahawks football game – which I could watch at the gym while doing cardio.

So I guess there is NO EXCUSE not to go!

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