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Recipe Taste Off – Sweet Potato Dishes

A quick look back on contestant number 2 (“Loaded Sweet Potatoes” from the Oh She Glows Every Day cookbook) … after the “Avocado Cilantro Crema” married all its flavours together overnight, it was much more flavourful. Again, as with contestant number 1 (“Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes” from The UnDiet Cookbook), the leftover serving was quite a bit better.

Tonight I tested out a recipe from Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking cookbook …

Contestant Number 2: Thai Baked Sweet Potatoes (picture as shown in the cookbook)


I’ve done my best to make these recipes exactly as detailed. One difference I had to make between this recipe and my version is the chickpeas … I substituted in black beans instead as chickpeas don’t agree well with my digestive tract.

Again, this recipe was easy to follow. It called to rub the sweet potatoes with grape seed oil before baking, but given how the other sweeties turned out without oil, I opted to omit this oil.


The book lists a sub-recipe for “Ginger Tahini Sauce” inside the main recipe and it was also very easy to follow. It called for 1 – 4 TBSP hot water to “thin” the sauce and I used 2 TBSP, but honestly, it didn’t really need any water. The tahini & ginger created quite a bit of sediment, so I ended up using a sieve to make it smoother. An after-thought would be to throw these ingredients into the Vitamix to get it mixed up well, and next time I think I’ll use the suggested tahini alternative of peanut butter.


There was the perfect amount of beans to cover each of the servings, and just the right amount of sauce, too.


As I posted this picture, I realized I opened my bag of sesame seeds but totally forgot to put them on the dish!!! #BlondeMoment #IWasStarving

This was a very nice dish. I prefer this one over “Loaded Sweet Potatoes” (contestant number 2), but I think I still prefer “Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes” (contestant number 1) overall!

I had a couple of observers that seemed pretty interested in all 3 recipes!


This first batch of Recipe Taste Off has been VERY successful and I am looking forward to the next batch which will consist of Soba Noodle recipes!

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Recipe Taste Off – Sweet Potato Dishes

The other night I made the 1st of 3 sweet potato dishes (“Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes” from The UnDiet Cookbook). I had the second serving for lunch the next day and it was almost better than fresh the night before!

Tonight I’m on to the next recipe by Angela Liddon and her Oh She Glows Every Day cookbook …

Contestant Number 2: Loaded Sweet Potatoes (picture as shown in the cookbook)


This one looks great … let’s see how the recipe turns out!

This recipe was easy to follow. It called for EVOO to saute the garlic & onions, but I was low on it, so I used coconut oil (as I have a huge “tub” of it from Costco!).

Loaded Sweet Potatoes - 1.jpg

Inside the recipe is a sub-recipe for “Avocado Cilantro Crema“. This was easy as well, but I had to use 3 TBSP more water than the 1 TBSP it called for as it was just a little thick, but light, for my Vitamix and wouldn’t stay down with the blades to become creamy.


I cooked the sweet potatoes for a full hour and they were perfect this time. Now to assemble this dish!

The amount of crema that was made seemed like a lot, but the recipe didn’t indicate that you only use a portion of it, so I used half per serving. Same went for the black bean mixture … the recipe called for a whole can, whereas the other recipes call for 1/2 can.


Ok … so there was a LOT of toppings on this spud, and it was a bit over-powered by the crema. But it was tasty.

It’s got a different taste than “Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes” (Contestant Number 1) but it’s also got a completely different dressing being avocado instead of tahini/tamari.

I would recommend this recipe, but suggest making or only using half the crema and beans. Also – the cookbook picture has the sweet potato topped with a white substance, but it was not mentioned in the recipe.

At this point, I’m a bigger fan of “Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes“.

Friday I’ll likely make up the last of the 3 recipes in this Recipe Taste Off and provide my comments and suggestions!

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Recipe Taste Off – Sweet Potato Dishes

Last week I attended the Vancouver Sun’s annual book sale and snagged Meghan Telpner‘s “The UnDiet Cookbook” for a whopping $2.00!!!

Then after work on Friday, I stopped by Indigo on Granville Street to view a couple other cookbooks. I ended up spending a few tens of dollars and picked up Dana Shultz‘s “Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking” and Angela Liddon‘s “Oh She Glows Every Day“.

I spent a great deal of time on Saturday morning looking through each of these cookbooks and found that on a couple, possibly a few occasions, they had similar recipes. So what else is one to do but a Recipe Taste Off!

The first match up features the following 3 recipes:

  • Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes ~ The UnDiet Cookbook
  • Loaded Sweet Potatoes ~ Oh She Glows Every Day
  • Thai Bakes Sweet Potatoes ~ Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

So I make a list of the ingredients for all 3 recipes, determine what I already have on hand, and reduce my list to the few items I have to pick up. Turns out, 6 medium sweet potatoes can run a person upwards of $10 LOL

One of the recipes is already set to serve 2 and since there is only one of me, I decided to make all three recipes to serve 2 …

Contestant Number 1: Dressed to the Nines Sweet Potatoes (picture as shown in the cookbook)


Damn, right!? Ok let’s get this show on the road!!

The recipe was very easy to follow. The amount of coconut oil that is called for to cook the onion and garlic seemed like a bit much, but it worked out perfectly.

I also had to make the “Tahini Dressing” in this cookbook as it was called for as the drizzle on the sweet potato. And this also super easy recipe is absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Holy Hannah it’s got flavour!!!

The sweet potatoes could have cooked for another 10 – 15 minutes longer, but I’d already cooked them the “maximum” 60 minutes as outlined in the book … and I was starving! Plus it all smelled so good, I couldn’t wait any longer.


Once assembled, and photographed – of course!, I dug right in. I’m really glad I started out with this recipe as it lived up to its typed hype!


I would absolutely recommend this recipe (& cookbook) and cannot wait to try some of the other recipes!

Just a couple of nights from now I’ll dig into the next Recipe Taste Off contestant! Stay tuned …

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Super Juice Me – Day 5

Ok – I made it 4 days … LOL

Yesterday I had the most insane craving for hummus & pita … and it was still with me around lunch today. So I allowed myself some hummus & pita at The Cubbyhole here in Penticton.

I’ve only had 2 juices today instead of my planned 6! That’s ok – I’m not beating myself up one bit.

For dinner I decided to boil up some mini shells, heat up some vegan sausage and put it together with some delicious garlic & herb tomato sauce and vegan parm cheese. It was exactly what I wanted and needed … plus the weather is getting cooler by the minute (and the wind! Holy crap is it windy here!) … it was a warm-dinner kind of evening.

I did really well last year when I first started juicing … I was juicing 2 meals and eating 1 per day. I will aim for that as the crave to chew food (it’s normal, right!?) was really intense!

I’m really excited for my movie & popcorn dinner tomorrow! The movie starts at 5:10 pm (early!) and I’m off work at 5:00 pm … so I got permission to leave 15 minutes early – yeah early-off-Friday! The thing I like about the early movie is that I’ll be home early enough to still chill and relax!

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Super Juice Me – Day 4

No chocolate today! LOL

I did have a Vega bar and I think that’s not too shabby!

I have 1 more juice left and it’s a gooder!

I went for a walk at lunch … 4.07 KM

After work, I walked to Quality Greens Market to pick up some more fruit for my juices. Once my backpack was loaded up (holy hannah was it heavy!) I walked home … a total of 4.5 KM

That’s about it.

I’ve been monitoring my weight and there has been some change … I’m down 5 pounds already! However, I am going to see a movie on Friday and I will absolutely have popcorn for dinner!

My energy is good throughout the day and I’ve been sleeping good, too.

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Super Juice Me – Day 3

Day 3

My order of Vega bars arrived today … not the best timing when doing an all-juice challenge!

Also, a co-worker’s grandma sent her German chocolate … again! She sends her about 20 bars every couple of months and I absolutely indulged today! All-juice what!?

I drank 3 juices during the work day but wasn’t super hungry for the rest because of the darn chocolate! LOL

I drank 2 juices upon coming home after work. Then I wanted to try a Vega bar.

Finally, I drank the 6th and last juice.

At lunch today I went for a walk. I ended up doing 4.47 km in 48 minutes. It felt amazing! The weather was perfect and I was a wee bit sweaty afterwards!

At home I did some leg exercises (with a band) and some arm exercises, too.

Day 4 coming up!!!

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Super Juice Me – Day 2

Day 2

6 juices prepped yesterday.

People at work think I’m insane for trying to do just juice for a week (minimum). They are all like “I could NEVER do that!” … well, you actually could do it! Believe in yourself!

First juice consumed at 7 am. Second consumed around 9:30 am. Third consumed around 11:45 am.

At lunch I walked along the beach front and it took about 40 minutes, round trip!

Fourth juice consumed around 2 pm. Fifth consumed around 4:15 pm. Sixth consumed about 6:00 pm.

I was hungry by each juice and still hungry after the sixth juice so I made a small wrap.

I went for a small walk this evening and stopped by this house I passed on the weekend because they had 3 or 4 types of mint growing near the sidewalk … and I wanted mint! I knocked on the door to ensure it was ok that I “stole” some mint and the guy was nice enough to come out and tell me what kinds where growing! So now I’ve got 3 types of mint rooting :o)

My sleep last night was good – pretty solid. I had my alarm set for 6:00 am but reset it to 6:30 am since I don’t need to make any breakfast!

I’m noticing that my face and chest are breaking out a bit already – amazing how our bodies react to real food!

Tonight I made my 6 juices for tomorrow. Hopefully my stomach will get used to the juices soon so that I’m not hungry after drinking them all!

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Super Juice Me – Day 1 Part 2

I made it until around 2 pm with only juice but had such a craving to CHEW some food! So I opted for a small portion of grapes.

Unfortunately, once the chewing began, the crave kept coming back! I ended up having a homemade cheese & olive quesadilla with some sour cream. And about 10 minutes after eating it, I developed a bit of a headache.

Now, whether that was my mind playing games on me or really my body knowing I just ate some not-as-healthy foods, I cannot be sure.

But I decided on drinking my Pineapple Broccoli Ginger juice for dinner. I don’t think I’ll be having a snack juice tonight, though.

I am going to prep tomorrow’s juices tonight. I will make at least 4 juices … but might prep all 6 if I can get it done! Then tomorrow night I can prep for the next night!

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Super Juice Me – Day 1

Today is Day 1 of my Super Juice Me challenge. The ultimate challenge is to last 28 days … but I will take it 1 – 7 days at a time, since I do my grocery shopping once a week.

My starting weight is 228.6 lbs (bleh!)

I had a decent sleep last night. I ended up pulling the comforter off the bed as it’s been staying relatively warm at night. I have kept on the sheets (cotton), quilt and afghan. I kept my ceiling fan on low speed, too. I did wake up around 1 to use the bathroom and then fully awake at 6:30.

I opted to stay in bed and watch some shows on my computer. I got out of bed around 8:30 – aahh, the joy of Sunday mornings! Plus, it was POURING rain and just felt like a “stay in bed” kind of morning!

I have decided to use some recipes from the Super Juice Me site. The amount of juice produced, using my masticating juicer, is about 530 mL (about the amount of a Pure Leaf tea container). I’ve decided to use a couple empty containers that I have, as they have lids and can be topped right up and sealed so that no air gets to the juice.

I think I’ll need about 6 juices for the day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack) … so I’ll ponder making a few more juices this morning so that I’m all set.

I have, so far, made “Broccoli, Pineapple, Ginger” and “Turbo Charge with Avocado”.

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Super Juice Me!

I watched a new documentary yesterday called Super Juice Me and it renewed my want to juice and get healthy!

I recommend this film to everyone!

Starting tomorrow, May 4, 2014, I am embarking on a juice mission! The ultimate goal is 28 days of nothing but juice. But knowing that I’m human and chewing food becomes something that is greatly missed when juicing, I will allow myself some Vega bars every once in a while (I ordered a bunch online as they had a BOGO sale!!)

I will try to remember to post my journey, including starting weight, mood, feelings, etc. and also including my daily mood, feelings etc.

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