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Happy Valentine’s Day

This was my 9th Valentine’s Day single.

While some might be all “woe is me”, I’m all “let’s treat yo-self!”

I had a lazy day … got ready and went out for a couple of craft beers and some deep fried pickles for “dinner”.

Then at 7:30, I headed over to Rogers Arena for the Brad Paisley concert! It was awesome – as was expected. I saw him previously in Penticton and he’s such a great entertainer!!

Brad PaisleyBrad Paisley..

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Red Couch

When I started 2016, one of my intentions was to blog more. Granted, I’m likely blogging more than I did in 2015, but I was hoping to blog every couple of days. Looks like I might need to recheck my intentions! LOL

Tomorrow is Family Day in BC … the rest of Canada celebrates it the following Monday. I really do love long weekends, especially when I haven’t any plans. I can be a complete lazy butt for an entire day and still have two full days to get my normal weekend stuff done.

One of my minor plans this weekend was to get to Ikea and check some items. I wanted to see how much their sheets were … and I’ve got to say I’m rather shocked that they aren’t more cost effective! A set of sheets (one fitted, one flat & two pillow cases) for a queen-sized bed was going to be roughly $40 before tax! That’s how much they are at Walmart! I always thought you could get dirt-cheap (granted, likely dirt-quality, too) items at Ikea.

I also wanted to look at their towels. I have 2 sets of matching bath towels, but they are regular size and I prefer a bath¬†sheet for my body after showers/baths. I have one from many years ago and it’s really starting to get ratty-tatty. I opted to buy just one bath sheet from Ikea (no need for 2 when I live alone!) and it was only about $15 before tax.

The third thing I wanted to double-look at was their couches. I had been checking them out pretty much since I moved to Vancouver because I sold my previous couch, loveseat & chair set before moving here … good thing, too, because I would¬†NOT have had room for them in either the moving van or the apartment!

When I had been to visit Leila last weekend, her folks mentioned their couch & loveseat were from Ikea. And it actually turns out it was the same style I had been considering. Now, granted … their set is quite a few years old, so it’s nicely worn in and comfy.

At Ikea, the couch measured 5″ smaller than I wanted my maximum length to be. I had been considering a couch with chaise, but figured I could just get a storage footstool instead. Ok – so decision made. I had found the style of couch & footstool that I wanted.

Now the bigger decision … what colour of cover do I want!?!? Well … when you’re trying to keep the total cost relatively affordable, you may opt for whatever is on sale!

Low & behold, the red couch cover was on sale for $79 instead of $149 … but the red footstool cover was not on sale – regular $49. I decided I could absolutely get into a red couch – why not!? It would be an awesome bold pop of colour in my rental-beige apartment!

So what about the footstool cover … I found a nice beige-y colour cover for $29 – another $20 less than the red and it would create a nice contrast and still go with my area rug (beige, from Ikea), carpet and wall colour!

With same-day home delivery, it was about $850 for the couch, footstool and both covers – not too shabby in my mind!

Delivery came and then came the task of assembly! I thought I’d wait until this morning to assemble, as the delivery didn’t arrive until 9 pm last night. But noooo – I want it now! So about 30 minutes and quite a bit of sweating LOL footstool & couch were assembled and covered!

Red Couch

I still have to rearrange a bit of furniture to make it all fit – mainly the cedar chest Dad built me for my 16th birthday … it’s currently blocking 3/4 of my front hallway!

I also restarted the 21 Day Fix on February 1. I got through Total Body Cardio Fix (Monday), Upper Fix (Tuesday), and Lower Fix (Wednesday). But I only managed 1/2 of Pilates Fix (Thursday) because my lower back was killing me and I didn’t want to risk any injury. Friday should have been Cardio Fix, Saturday should have been Dirty 30, and today should have been Yoga Fix … but I’ve been a lazy arse! LOL

Restart tomorrow, but continuing as Week 2.

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