Blogmas Day 7


What did I do at work today? One manager is away today, another is in Ontario training, another was in the office (I think!) and the last was in for the afternoon before heading out on Christmas break tomorrow.

At lunch, a co-worker and I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market to browse and have lunch. We settled on the Crepe vendor – I got one with spinach, cherry tomatoes, black olives and feta, while she picked the ham and pineapple. We each tried both and both were great!

If you attend the Market during the week, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, you get in for half price ($4) cash, and when we went to pay, we were given the option to obtain a season’s pass (it runs through December) for only $1 more … sure! It’s just down the block from work and has a bunch of food vendors, so offers some different options for lunch!

After work I stopped by Safeway as I needed to grab just a couple of items for the next series of Recipe Taste Off … and by a couple of items, I mean 2 … I needed green onions and tamari. (Click here, here and here for the first series of Recipe Taste Off!)

But I spent $25 …

Ended up picking up some more pre-made tart shells and some extra ingredients for mini quiches, along with the 2 items I needed!

Recipe Taste Off: Soba Noodle Salad from the Oh She Glows Every Day cookbook


This dish was very easy to make, although I subbed stir-fry beef for the tofu, and seasoned it with just salt and pepper. This was tasty, but felt like it could use more sauce or perhaps just split the sauce per dish rather than tossing the full dish in the sauce. I am excited to try it tomorrow for leftovers!

Advent Calendar Day 7: Nutty and Spice


“If there’s one thing that never fails to remind us of the holidays, it’s a freshly baked spice cake. And this warm, buttery oolong is as festive as it gets. First, we start with a jolly jumble of walnuts and pistachios. Then, we add a bright burst of sweet cranberries and pineapple. And finally, we sprinkle in a merry dash of cinnamon to keep you nice and cozy. Whether you have it straight up or with a splash of milk, this is one tea that’ll have you singing “Deck the Halls” in no time. Warning: may induce feelings of holiday cheer.”


I smell and taste more “spice” than “nutty”. It reminds me of the smell of holidays at my Mom’s house. It carries a very potent aroma, but the flavor is much more subtle … something I’ve noticed with many teas.


I’ve just watched last night’s episode of This Is Us and I’m so excited that this show has been picked up for a full 1st season! Shortly from now, I’ll watch Survivor; and tomorrow a new season of Alone starts!

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