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Today’s weather turned out to be MUCH better than it was forecast to be! Originally today was supposed to be the “colder and wetter” day of the weekend!

I walked down to the VegExpo and checked out the various vendors. I picked up 2 containers of Habibi’s newest product Lebanese Garlic Sauce/Spread, 1 container of Black Bean Dip, and 1 container of Basil & Garlic Hummus. Their pricing special was 2/$6 – taxes included! I will have to decide what to get to eat these with … corn chips … sandwiches …

Afterwards, I wandered to Jack Poole Plaza and snapped a few “touristy” photos:


Then I walked home and have been lounging with my babies:


I’ve had a few “woe is me” moments today. Just feeling alone. I do 99% of everything by myself … and having been single for 8 1/2 years, I’m definitely used to it, and quite likely prefer it over being with someone.

But for some reason I’ve been missing my friends in Penticton. I’ll get to see them when I go back in August … and since my girlfriends there have significant others a/o families, we honestly didn’t hang out outside of work, etc. much. So it’s not like being in Vancouver and doing stuff alone is really any different from what I would do in Penticton.

The main difference is that I have been getting out in Vancouver. I’ve been taking myself and my fitness into nature. Getting fresh air, steps, and kilometers!

I didn’t do that in Penticton. I wasn’t Thriving in Penticton! I am an absolute believer in the Thrive products at this point.

My next auto-ship is set for tomorrow. I’ve ordered the DFT Plus Black Label for this coming month … here is what the product info sheet says:

Le-Vel’s Derma Fusion Technology has soared to the top of the Health & Wellness Industry as the apex product in terms of health, wellness, fitness and weight management. Black Label is not only the next evolution of Derma Fusion Technology, it’s an entirely different formula than standard DFT and DFT Ultra. Through this new formula, we’ve not only taken Derma Fusion Technology to the next level, but we’ve taken the entire Thrive 8-Week Experience to the next level.

Black Label was created and formulated to provide Customers and Promoters combining Black Label with Thrive Capsules and Thrive Lifestyle Mix with superior results in terms of general health, wellness, fitness, weight management, mental acuity, and mood support.

  • Weight Management
  • Mental Acuity
  • Mood Support
  • Derma Fusion Technology
  • Supports Energy & Circulation
  • Promotes Physical Fitness

I’m not certain if I’ve become “used” to the standard DFT or what, but I’m excited to give Black Label a try! (

So over the past few weeks, I’ve been craving and eating homemade chicken salad (Costco roasted chicken broken down, and mixed with celery, onion, apple, cranberries, peanuts and mayo). Last week I decided to make it with plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo … to save on fat and calories.

It wasn’t gross but it wasn’t great like the past few have been! So I made it with mayo again this week :o)

Anyways – this is a new week and I’m ready to knock it out of the park!

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Cloudy with a Chance of …

This morning I had an appointment to take Baunzai to the vet … she’s started chewing, licking and scratching again. Mainly her tummy & inner legs. She has already been diagnosed as a “self-mutilator” LOL

Last time at the vet (January) she got a steroid shot to calm her down and cause the “itchiness” to subside. And it did! So much so that her tummy fur started to grow back!!!

The calmness lasted about 2 months … mid-March she started at it again. Unfortunately, the steroids can affect her liver, so they are not “recommended”, but she NEEDS them! I’ve had her on hypoallergenic food for at least 3 months but it hasn’t caused the “mutilating” to stop.

So I took her back in today and the vet agreed that she should get more steroids. He gave me the options of the shot (about $45 and lasts about 6-8 weeks) or pills (about $25 for 1-2 daily/every other day, for about 3 months). The money factor tells me pills. But EVERY DAY!? Oiy!!

So we opted for the shot AND pills LOL … the pills will only come into play once I notice the shot has worn off … likely just before I’m supposed to go to Vegas!

It’s ok – the cat sitter I’ve hired is the vet tech from my vet office – she’s great with the girls and I get a great vibe from her. So given her profession, I know she’ll be able to administer the pills if needed.


I decided to post this “controversial” picture on Thursday. It’s another of my “before” pictures. I look at this and cringe! Bleh! But I keep reminding myself it is BEFORE and also NEVER AGAIN! It will not happen over-night but I will get more fit!

The weather took a turn for the cloudy on Thursday, so the past couple of days have been quite slack. I have barely or not even made my step goal. I have the energy to get up and do shit, but some days you just want to veg.

Today is absolutely one of those days!


It’s cloudy. It’s been raining, on and off. I’ve cleaned a bit of the apartment. I’ve taken Baunz to the doc and home. I’ve had a guy come measure my 2 windows for screens. I’ve gone to get (some) groceries. And I’ve contacted Shaw to add HBO to my services for tomorrow’s season premier of Game of Thrones.

And since having the subscription to HBO now, I can check out other HBO shows On Demand. Currently I’m watching the first episode of Vinyl. It’s slow … I’m sure I’ll get into it. I believe Olivia Wilde is in this show and I really appreciate her as an actress.

I sent out another 3-day Mini Thrive Experience yesterday! That’s 4 now that I’ve sent out, and 1 of the first 3 decided to buy a month :o)

I am serious about this product line – it’s awesome! It really has curbed my cravings, reduced my appetite, increased my energy, and made me feel overall absolutely awesome!

I know I’ll get you to contact me soon enough for your very own free 3-day Mini Thrive Experience. Until then, I’ll be here … THRIVING!!!

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Happy 4-20

Ok … I’m 4-20 friendly, but I don’t participate. It fucks with my heart rhythm so I avoid it.

Here was my morning #Thrive post:


I started it “Are you feeling trapped?” hahaha – this is a picture my sister posted of my niece, Whoops.


The weather has been BEAUTIFUL the past few days … tomorrow it’s supposed to change to a bit more wet.


And I’ve clearly been taking advantage of the nice weather! Absolutely killing it!!!

#Thrive baby!!!

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My Weekend …


Friday evening … beautiful sunset at English Bay.

Saturday was grey & cloudy. It was quite cool and breezy. I barely hit my 10K steps and did just over 7 km.

But … I did start working out!


I decided since there was 11 weeks until Vegas and 15 weeks until the Okanagan … and I finally have the energy to WANT to exercise … now was the perfect time to start!

I did a short upper body workout on Saturday … maybe 22 minutes. While it felt difficult, I wasn’t sore the next day which tells me I should push harder next time.


Sunday was beautiful! I did my lower body workout and it BURNED!!!

Then I had previously decided I wanted to go to Indigo (Canadian chain book store) to find a workout tracker and a stretching book. It’s about a 15 minute walk from home.

Well the stretching book came easy, but the workout trackers they had (fitbook) were not what I was looking for. They were far too detailed about everything relating to dieting & working out … food, calories, etc. Not what I wanted.

So I bought a open-dated, lined journal and made my own. It simply has 4 columns: exercise, sets, reps, weights.

I am really interested in seeing how my strength and fitness levels progress!

After Indigo, I walked to Costoc (not far … 15 minutes maybe) and picked up a roasted chicken and some granola-type bars.

Yesterday was the Vancouver Sun Run, so the transit schedule was screwed up with so many people needing to get around after their run.

I found a bus that could connect me with the bus that goes near my place, and sat on it for about 15 minutes. Then we left and drove maybe 15 minutes but didn’t get far … the route just wasn’t a good route. So I hopped off and ended up walking home with all my goods! It probably took me another 20 minutes to walk home from where I got off the bus, and it felt a little longer because of the heavy goods I was carrying.

But it just meant workout # 2 was done :o) I think I ended the day with just over 14k steps and just over 10 km walked.

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What Are You Waiting For!?

What are you waiting for!?

If there was ever a time to jump in and order#Thrive, now is that time!!!

New customers will receive:

$30 credit on $150 order OR $50 credit on $190 order!

*new customers (never ordered before) only
*promo ends at 9:00 pm PST April 15, 2016

And in case you weren’t sure … Le-Vel Thrive ships US & Canada (as well as others, but those are closest to me!)

Promo - April 2016

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Tuesday April 12, 2016 … almost mid-April, already!

While it is getting busier at work, it’s nothing like the normal “Tax Season” busy I’ve become used to over the past 8 years! I am usually a key T1 Personal Income Tax Return preparer, but at PwC I am admin. Strictly admin. And I like it!

At BDO I was used to working close to 500 hours over March & April (normal is about 300 hours), but this year I’ve worked a whopping 3 hours of OT so far! LOL

I still have my DBA Services self-employment doing bookkeeping and personal tax prep during my “spare” time … but the weather has been so nice here the past couple of weeks/weekends that I have been totally putting off the side work!

I’ve even had a couple of people ask where I vacationed to have such a nice tan in April … um, it’s just from being outside on the weekends … walking, walking, walking!

Sunday was to be my “rest” day since I did about 15 km on Saturday. Well – “rest” didn’t really happen!

I went shopping to Sephora (had a 15% discount) and also bought some new kicks from New Balance. And since the kicks needed to be broken in, I did a little walk.


I decided to walk along the Seawall and see how far it was to Siwash Rock (above). Well … from my front door, it’s 2.99 km one way! So my “little” walk turned into about 6 km LOL

Saturday marked my 30-days on Thrive … which means Sunday marked the start of my next round. But instead of my next “30 days”, I decided to do the next 4 weeks (28 days) … mainly because 4 weeks of products fit perfectly into this tray:

Ready to Thrive

Monday was good. My daily Thrive post included a selfie from November 2015 and one from April 2016. Now – I DO see a small difference, but more so I FEEL a huge difference!

Don't Give Up

My little sister, who is competing in her 2nd BC ABBA (British Columbia Amateur Body Building Association) fitness competition in June, tried a free 3-day trial of Thrive. And knowing that social media is such a driver, she very kindly sent me some pictures of her wearing her DFT!

I decided to include one of the pictures in Tuesday’s daily Thrive post. Along with some really great affirmations! #EpicShit

*oh and by the by, she placed 3rd in her very first competition last May … so I’m beyond excited to cheer her on in June*

Epic Shit

And of course I know you’re starting to kick yourself for not contacting me sooner for your very own free 3-day trial of Thrive … so just DO IT!


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Advice From A Co-Worker

“Don’t walk around the world this weekend” LOL


And this was all between 8:45 am and 2:00 pm!!!


This picture started my day … “and the adventure begins” and “set goals & crush’em”

I drafted it last night before going to bed, but I truly had NO IDEA what the adventure or my goals would be today!


Walked the … 6+ km to Van Dusen Botanical Garden. And while it was nice and all, it wasn’t worth the “special event” $14 admission (in my opinion)!


This beauty was found on my adventure between Van Dusen Botanical Garden and the Bloedel Conservatory. Damn I love lilacs!!!


With a little more research, I would have known that the Bloedel Conservatory is in the Queen Elizabeth Park (in Vancouver) and more so, at the TOP of the big hill! I was bagged, but not tired, by the time I got there! But check out THAT view! As clear as this picture isn’t, the background is Vancouver and the snow-capped mountains.


The life that I saw at the Bloedel Conservatory was awesome! This is just a small preview of it! And for admission of only $6.75, it was WELL WORTH it!

And it’s safe to say I didn’t listen to my co-worker as I’m currently over 20K steps just today!

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My Whys

I’ve seen many posts lately about people’s “why” for getting healthy. While most (99%) include their kids and spouse, NOT ONE has included THEMSELVES!!!

I would think, in today’s day, we don’t need to be reminded that YOU ARE YOUR #1 WHY!!! You are Numero Uno!

My Whys

On the way to work today, I came across this little guy hanging out on the Vancouver Seawall with his little buddy:


And a little inclusion of today’s positive post:


So now down to business!

It’s April and that means personal tax month. I am used to actually DOING the tax returns, but I’m at a new company this year and doing taxes isn’t my job. I’m used to working 500 hours over March & April … not this year! I think I worked the normal 37.5 hour weeks in March. And I while I do expect to work a bit of OT in April, I know it won’t be ANYWHERE close to what I’m used to. I’ve worked 2.7 hours of OT this week … pretty awesome, in my books! More money – less work!

PROMO TIME with Thrive!!!

Get up to 2 months of Balance for FREE ($80 USD savings!) when you make a minimum purchase!!!

Contact me ASAP to get in on this ‪#‎promo‬! It ends at 9:00 pm (PST) April 11, 2016!

*first-time customers only

Balance Promo

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Rest Day

Today was forecast to be overcast but dry. Yesterday I did a shit ton of steps and kilometers, so decided to take it relatively easy today.

I got a great night’s sleep and was up around 6:15 am. I was ready and had my laundry in the laundry room around 6:45 am … and the washers were taken! Luckily, they were finishing in about 3 minutes – so I hung out. Turns out, I wasn’t the only early bird!

Guard Cat

The sun actually made appearances quite often throughout the day!

Knowing that I was still part of the Weekend Warrior competition on Fitbit, and having decided it would be a rest day … I took the skytrain to Metrotown at Metropolis for a little shopping. I wasn’t on the hunt for anything specific – just to check things out.

I walked the mall (it’s 2 or 3 levels) for about 2 1/2 hours and was able to meet and just beat my 10K step minimum. I picked up a new shirt, a new bra, and a new hat. The hat was my most exciting because I have been wanting one for a while!


After dinner and a drink, I was feeling active … so I decided to go for a bit of a walk along the seawall.

I walked … and walked … and walked … totally unplanned! Walked all the way to False Creek and the Cambie Street Bridge – then turned around and walked back!

False Creek.1

By the time I got home, and synced my Fitbit, I realized my “rest day” wasn’t so restful. But rather extremely active! And when combined with my insane walking day yesterday, I walked over 43,200 steps, over 30 kilometers, and was active for almost 350 minutes!

Fitbit 040316

Guess you could say I was Thriving!? And I’m not even tired!!!

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The weather this week has been absolutely summer-like! It’s been wonderful and it has totally helped motivate me to get outside and be active!

Today I decided to go down to Kitsilano again and check out the “main shopping road” in Kits. It was ok – nothing really special or outstanding!

But then I kept walking and finally decided to turn around to head home. I ended up walking from the West End to the Point Grey area and back … about 13.5 km round trip! My hip-flexors will be mad tomorrow!


Vancouver from the Kitsilano Dog Beach.


A well-deserved Strongbow after the trek!

I’m doing a Weekend Warrior challenge through Fitbit with some friends this weekend – so I wanted to CRUSH my daily step goal (10,000) … and it’s currently at 20,142! Woot!

I am also trying all the various Le-Vel Thrive product!

Yesterday I added Boost to my Premium Shake.

I tried Form before work. I tried Rest before bed … as well as I took a Balance capsule before bed.

This morning I added Activate to my Premium Shake. And I took Move.

So far they all taste pretty decent. I haven’t had a Le-Vel Thrive product that I’ve thought was gross! That’s something big in my books!


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